Tuesday, 2 October 2018


While many homeowners may have heard of laminate flooring and may have had a go at installing it themselves, they may not realise just how many different sorts of hardwood flooring materials there really are. One such substance that is longer lasting than laminate and gives a more aesthetic feel is hardwood floors.

You might believe new hardwood floors would seem'too new' and would not fit into the theme of an older home. But with many hardwood floors styles now coming in distressed finishes you'll be able to make a rustic feel without needing to wait for a couple of decades.

Distressed wooden flooring was aged by the manufacturers of the wooden floor. This usually means the floor is just as good as hardwood flooring that doesn't have imperfections but includes a gorgeous aged look.

Hardwood does not have to be expensive either, even if you use a reputable dealer they will be able to discuss all of the available choices and offer you an idea of how much your floor will cost along with the setup process you will need to follow if the hardwood flooring is installed.